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Artist info: NIEUWE NOR venue info & specs

Poppodium NIEUWE NOR
Pancratiusstraat 30 
6411KC / Heerlen / Netherlands

GPS: 50.88783, 5.98092

t. +31 (0)45-4009100
f. +31 (0)45-4009107
e. [email protected]

VAT.Number: (NL) 0045.73.596.B.01
Chamber of Commerce (NL): 41070318

Bank details:
Rabobank :
SWIF/IBAN: NL39 RABO 0132 0985 12

Constructiewerkplaats Schmitz
picture by Bart Notermans

NIEUWE NOR is a popmusic venue situated in the center of the city of Heerlen in the very south of the Netherlands, on close proximity to both the German (5km to the east) and Belgian (20km to the south and 30 km to the west) border.The venue is situated and subsidized by the municipality of Heerlen, a city with 90.000 inhabitants. The main service area is the region of Parkstad with 240.000 inhabitants in total. Heerlen lies close to cities like Aachen (15km), Maastricht (25km) and Liège (50 km), Also, big Belgian cities with airports like Antwerp/Bruxelles and the German Rurh area (with Köln, Düsseldorf and Dortmund) are within the range of an hour drive. This gives the venue a unique position for international acts that have fan bases in these three countries. 

NIEUWE NOR (which is Dutch for "new jail", named after the first location of the venue, a prison, fourty years ago) is a relatively new club with a capacity of 350 visitors. It was built in 2006 beyond the small cultural café which suits as a foyer now. The club has an industrial look and feel and is known for it's warm and friendly crew and... is famous among Dutch artists because of the good and healthy meals of our Surinamese cook Romeo and the vintage Super Nintendo in the backstage. Because of its position between two other countries, NIEUWE NOR  has an international focus. With about 120 concerts and dance events, it doesn't only brings new Dutch pop club acts, but also new international electronic music (techno, drum & bass, dubstep) and live concerts (from EBM/New wave to Rock, from Singer-Songwriter to Hiphop. Some of the artists that have played at NIEUWE NOR since the opening of the new venue in December 2006 are: Therapy?, Levellers, New Model Army, Anne Clark, Luka Bloom, Delinquent Habits, Terror, Infadels, Tracy Bonham, etc. In electronic music DJ's and live-acts like Noisia, André Galluzzi, Pan-Pot, Speedy J, N-Type, Walsh, James Ruskin, Billy Nasty and many more brought the enthousiastic visitors in ecstasy. Besides the venue's main hall there's a seperate foyer/café where small performances with low sound levels can take place.

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Main contacts:
Simone Mostard - production manager / productie[at]
+31 (0)45-4009100 (during office hours on Monday & Tuesday) / +31 (0)6-53430889

Kees van den Berg - promoter (concerts) / kees[at]
+31 (0)45-4009100 (during office hours, except wednesday) / +31 (0)6-22925875

Daan Gooren - promoter (concerts, festivals & projects) / daan[at]
+31 (0)45-4009100 (during office hours, except monday) / +31 (0)6-42832173

Maurice Laven - promoter (dance) / maurice[at]
+31 (0)45-4009100 (during office hours, except wednesday) / +31 (0)6-42719445

Route to the venue/ traffic details  
Car/train: Download (.pdf) the route for car and train. For GPS navigation use: Pancratiusstraat 30 / 6411KC / Heerlen / Netherlands.
Flights: the nearest big airports are: Köln (1h. drive), Düsseldorf (1h. drive) and Bruxelles/Zaventem (1,5h. drive). Amsterdam/Schiphol is not advisable, a 2,5h. (and often longer) drive through often very busy traffic. Please be aware of these traffic jams at the A2 from Amsterdam on Mon-Fri (16.00h-19.00h) and let our production manager know when you're running late. Late arrivals will be deducted from soundcheck time!

Parking/Load-in & out
Unfortunately, one of the disadvantages of being in the centre of a city is the total lack of parking space. It's only possible to load-in and load-out in or in front of the venue in the Pancratiusstraat. Parking in accordance with the local stage-crew, they know the best (free) spots within 300m of the venue and are willing to assist you in finding those spots. In case you travel with a coach/nightliner/bus please inform us upfront so we can organise fitting parking accomodations. Last resort for general parking: there are two car parks for cars less than 2 meters in height within walking distance of two-three minutes: Q-Park De Klomp (Klompstraat) and Q-Park Putgraaf (Putgraaf). Info on Q-Park Heerlen. When a hotel is discussed, there's a possibility to park large vans and busses for overnight parking at the hotel location, Grand Hotel Heerlen, which is also within walking distance of the venue. Please let us know when you wish to use this option.
There are no stairs from load-in to stage (1m), only from stage to backstage.

Backstage facilities
The venue has one (1) dressing room on the first floor (beware of stairs) with one (1) shower and one (1) toilet. For support acts the technical space can be decorated as a dressing room. The main dressing room is equiped with a three (3) sinks, a large mirror, one (1) bank, eight (8) seats, a refrigirator and a TV with vintage Super Nintendo (!) with some games. Dressing room curfew is end of show +1h (max. 01.00h) for concerts and 03.15h/04.15h. for dance nights. Usable on request: washing machine, ironing board. 

Dinner in venue. Our friendly and famous Surinamese chef is always willing to prepare meals according the bands' whishes as stated in the hospitality rider. Please provide us with your vegetarian/vegan of fish meal whishes at least one week in advance.

Internet facilities
From February 26th 2010, the city of Heerlen has a free wi-fi network across the whole city center. The city of Heerlen is the third city in the Netherlands to offer a wi-fi network across the city and the first to offer it for free. There's no need to log in, use the network Heerlen Live and enjoy! NIEUWE NOR is proud to be one of the partners in this project. More info: Inside the venue you can use our own Wifi. Password is provided upon request.

Our regular artist hotel is situated in the same street of the venue: 
Tulip Inn Heerlen City Centre
Wilhelminaplein 17
t. +31 (0)45-5741355 

Technical facilities
NIEUWE NOR has it's own professional P.A. and lightning system; please look at this page for the latest technical details.

Please note that NIEUWE NOR has a balcony and that the FOH-/Lightning-position is situated on a balcony! 
If we cannot provide the gear that is stated in the technical rider, our technical crew will get in contact with the band to discuss the possibillities.

We have one large merchandise table (2m x 1 m x 1m) available for use by the artist. There is no merchandise fee.

- late arrivals will be deducted from soundcheck time
- early get-in in consultation with production crew (due to extra costs)
- a 101 dBa restriction in sound level at FOH desk in main hall; we apply the covenant 'Sound Policy Music Locations' of the VNPF (Dutch Association for Pop venues and Festivals) and go one little step further to a maximum of 101 dBa restricion at the FOH desk (covenant: 103 dBa) because of the size of the hall and quality of the PA.
- a 85dBa restriction in sound level in foyer/café
- no fireworks or pyro possible
- special effects (like confetti-, snow- or bubble machines) in consultation with production crew.

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pictures by Bart Notermans